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3.5% increase in Scottish property prices

The property prices in Scotland have been steadily increasing for the past year reaching a new peak at the end of July 2015. According to a report published by Registers of Scotland on 28 July 2015, there is a 3.5% increase in the average property prices compared to the same period in 2014.  The current average has reached £167,765 for a home in Scotland which is the highest registered since Registers of Scotland has started collecting this data in 2003.

Property prices

The Registers of Scotland report also provides insightful data on the average prices of properties within different areas. Edinburgh ranks on top with average price of £237,286 for a home, which is 4.4% higher compared to the same period in 2014. The largest increase is recorded in West Dunbartonshire where prices are 10.1% higher than last year, reaching £120,822. On the other hand, the biggest price drop is in East Renfrewshire – 7%, with an average of £216,565 for a property.

Average property prices in Glasgow have increased with 7.1%, which is more than double the average increase for Scotland (3.5%). However, compared to other cities Glasgow properties are still much cheaper. The city ranks 21 on a list of 33 in terms of price, with an average of £138,185 per property. This means that buying a home in Glasgow is less expensive than more than half of the other cities in the Registers of Scotland report.

Table 1: Average Property Prices in Scotland

Local Authority Average Price (£) Apr – Jun 2015
1.       Edinburgh, City of 237,286
2.       Aberdeenshire235,361
3.       Aberdeen City223,291
4.       East Renfrewshire216,565
5.       East Dunbartonshire209,878
6.       East Lothian201,303
7.       Perth and Kinross191,272
8.       Stirling189,332
9.       Midlothian179,130
10.   Highland171,692
11.   Scottish Borders169,106
12.   Unallocated *159,788
13.   Argyll and Bute153,629
14.   Angus153,297
15.   West Lothian151,679
16.   Moray150,182
17.   South Ayrshire148,618
18.   Fife147,867
19.   Shetland Islands145,314
20.   Dumfries and Galloway138,349
21.   Glasgow City 138,185
22.   South Lanarkshire135,743
23.   Renfrewshire133,430
24.   Clackmannanshire132,709
25.   Falkirk131,568
26.   Dundee City128,203
27.   Orkney Islands127,870
28.   Inverclyde126,254
29.   North Lanarkshire120,998
30.   West Dunbartonshire120,822
31.   North Ayrshire118,288
32.   East Ayrshire113,647
33.   Eilean Siar98,036


Number of properties sold

Despite the 3.5% increase in prices more and more people are buying properties in Scotland, with an overall increase of 1.6% in property sales compared to 2014. In this economic climate property purchases in Glasgow are flourishing. The city has seen an increase of 17.6% in sales compared to last year.  As a result Glasgow proves to be a more popular destination than Edinburgh, with 3,035 residential house sales in Glasgow, compared to 3,002 in the capital. On the contrary, the biggest decrease has been recorded in Aberdeenshire, where property sales have fallen with 18%.

Table 2: Property Sales in Scotland

Local Authority Volume of Sales

Apr – June 2015

1.       Glasgow City 3,035
2.       Edinburgh, City of3,002
3.       Fife1,667
4.       South Lanarkshire1,383
5.       Aberdeen City1,364
6.       North Lanarkshire1,287
7.       Aberdeenshire1,263
8.       Highland998
9.       Renfrewshire794
10.   West Lothian769
11.   Falkirk752
12.   Perth and Kinross691
13.   Dundee City598
14.   Angus538
15.   Dumfries and Galloway521
16.   North Ayrshire513
17.   East Lothian477
18.   South Ayrshire475
19.   Moray474
20.   East Renfrewshire453
21.   Scottish Borders446
22.   Stirling429
23.   East Ayrshire425
24.   East Dunbartonshire416
25.   Midlothian394
26.   West Dunbartonshire377
27.   Argyll and Bute363
28.   Inverclyde258
29.   Clackmannanshire237
30.   Orkney Islands84
31.   Shetland Islands83
32.   Eilean Siar82
33.   Unallocated *37


Total value of sales

In general, across Scotland the total value of sales has increased by 5.1% to over £4.14 billion. This is the highest value recorded for this quarter in the past 7 years. With sales to the value of £712 million for this quarter, Edinburgh remains the largest market in Scotland. West Dunbartonshire, however, is the area that has seen the largest increase in value – 27%, with over £45 million worth of sales.

According to Property Wire the property market in Scotland is improving and there is an increased number of viewings, a tendency that is going to continue after the summer months. Given this and taking into account the great economic value properties in Glasgow have compared to other areas in Scotland, the city is expected to remain a popular destination for many.

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