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7 reasons why you must live in Glasgow

Choosing a place to live is not an easy step. It can involve a lot of research and comparisons between cities and countries, or it could be a decision you do not have control over, in the case of starting a new job. A change of scenery and a new environment could have an extremely positive effect on your life, but could also be extremely stressful, when it comes to moving, finding a new home and starting fresh. Whether you have to move to Glasgow or you are still considering to do so, you are lucky. There are numerous reasons why Glasgow is the perfect place to live.

1.   Cost of living

One of the greatest advantages of Glasgow is the lower cost of living compared to other UK cities. For example, living in Glasgow is on average 20% cheaper than London and 10% cheaper than the rest of UK. In terms of income Glasgow is also a very attractive destination with an average salary of £27,008 per year, with only London and the South East having higher annual earnings.

In terms of expenditure Glasgow also scores high with housing prices around £200,000 and average monthly rent at £537.

2.   Finding a place to live

There are plenty of properties available for sale or rent in Glasgow and HAP Lettings is one of the top letting agencies that can help you find your new home. We have a wide range of properties to let for short and long term and for those interested in buying a house or a flat our properties for sale might be exactly what you are looking for.

3.   Quality of life

The high quality of life and the variety of experiences Glasgow can offer are great incentives for anyone considering moving in this great, cosmopolitan city. If you are looking for a memorable retail experience Glasgow is the place to go. The city has been continuously pronounced the best shopping place in UK, outside London and with many malls, boutiques and retailers all conveniently located in the city centre this does not come as a surprise.

4.   Amazing food and art

For all the food lovers, Glasgow can offer a wide variety of bars, restaurants and cafes suitable for the different tastes. If you are in the mood for history, arts and culture, Glasgow’s over 20 galleries and museums will not disappoint. World famous venues like the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum attract an incredible number of visitors and are a definite must see.

5.   Live entertainment

The music and art lovers will be happy to know that Glasgow is home of the Scottish Opera, Royal Scottish National Orchestra and Scottish Ballet and has major pop and rock acts play at different atmospheric venues, such as the Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall.

6.   Great nature

Situated on the River Clyde, Glasgow offers a number of memorable attractions. The Glasgow Science Centre, the Tall Ship at Glasgow Harbour and the famous Riverside Museum are all located close to the river, making them a wonderful destination for a leisure day. With the impressive number of 70 parks Glasgow can offer something to anyone, from peace and serenity to a range of outdoor sports activities.

7.   Legacy in sports

As a proud host of the Commonwealth Games in 2014 and a home to Celtic and Rangers Glasgow is a great destination for any sports fan and a great home for many sports enthusiasts.

These are just a few of the reasons why Glasgow is a great destination to work and live in. The warmth of its residents and the variety of experiences it can offer make it a preferred destination for many. If you are considering living in Glasgow or have already made your mind and need help finding the right place, HAP Lettings can provide you with expert advice and could recommend a suitable property.