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The best landlord services in Glasgow

At HAP Lettings we strive to provide the best landlord services in Glasgow. Given the size of the city and the increasing competition this is no easy task, but that is why our professionalism, dedication and experience are of paramount importance. This is reflected in the recommendations we receive from our clients, who praise our personalised one-to-one services and how promptly we deliver results.

We have extensive experience in providing landlord services and can help you manage you properties efficiently and without hassle. We strive to create a relationship based on mutual trust and respect with our clients that is beneficial for both parties, which makes us a partner of choice for many. We can provide you with advice and a large range of landlord services that save you time and efforts. These include:


Once you start working with HAP Lettings we take over the process of advertising your property. This is a great advantage for you as a landlord, as we have extensive experience in marketing and we will provide your property with maximum exposure through listing it on our brochures and using SMS and email alerts. In addition publishing your property on our website provides access to a larger audience and is seen as more professional and reliable by potential tenants. We also help you to let your property at the best possible price to ensure that you get the highest return on investment you could.


Tenant services

After we have advertised your property and have a list of potential tenants interested in your offer, we start searching for the ones that meet your criteria. We check for their suitability, financial performance and reliability and arrange for viewings on your behalf. Once we have found the ideal tenants we coordinate the tenancy agreement and contract, dealing with all documentation involved in the process.

Property management

At HAP Lettings we provide outstanding property management which includes general day-to-day maintenance and emergency repairs that save you time and money and ensure the satisfaction of your tenants. Further to this we also offer rent collection services and transfer of utilities that make the experience of being a landlord a stress-free one.

Inventory management

We take care of all inventory management to ensure that the property is let in a good state which is then preserved by the end of the tenancy. This involved setting out the current condition and contents of the property, as well as completing regular gas safety and electrical checks. These checks are conducted by a registered engineer and involve the issuing of a Gas Safety Certificate, a Periodic Inspection Report (PIR) of the electrical system and a Portable Appliance Test (PAT). As a landlord you are also responsible for checking that your tenants have accounts with utility companies and that they pay their council tax. Luckily for you HAP Lettings can complete all of the above checks on your behalf.

Tenancy deposits

We provide the tenants with a tenancy deposit protection scheme, which also protects you legally as a landlord, providing you a piece of mind when dealing with these issues. Deposits are returned at the end of the tenancy and after both parties have agreed.

Additional services

We can arrange the issuing of and Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) on your behalf. This is an important consideration for any landlord as this document is government-required and it is illegal to let properties that do not have it. In addition all private landlords are obliged to register with their local authority in order to let their property. Letting without a registration could incur a fine of up to £50,000. Fortunately HAP Lettings can help you with the issuing of an EPC and your landlord registration.

As a full service lettings agent we know that the key requirement for any landlord is to provide great services to their tenants. This becomes an easy task once you trust your property into the hands of HAP Lettings. The extensive landlord services we offer in Glasgow cover all key aspects of letting your property. Contact us today to learn more.