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Tenants Win 81% of Disputes

The Tenant Deposit Scheme recently released surprising figures showing that only 19 per cent of disputes over tenant’s deposits are won by landlords. This statistic could be vastly improved if landlords better protected themselves at the start, during and at the end of a tenancy agreement, says the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC).
Some landlords are failing to put a letting contract in place, or they have very unfair clauses in the contact. Others don’t conduct an adequate check-in and check-out, or don’t keep copies of correspondence with the tenant which could be evidence in a dispute.
Pat Barber of the AIIC, said, “It is so important for landlords to ensure they get all the paperwork right at the start and at the end of a new tenancy agreement. Over and over again, we see landlords losing disputes because they can’t provide the right evidence to show that a tenant has damaged the property.
“Aside from ensuring there is a fair contract in place at the start of a tenancy agreement, landlords should have a thorough and detailed inventory which will enable both parties to be treated fairly and reasonably. By opening a dialogue and using an independent inventory clerk, disputes can be resolved quicker and without the hassle that is often experienced at the end of a tenancy period.”
The AIIC advises landlords, “Don’t compile your own inventory – leave it to the professionals!”