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7 Benefits of using HAP Lettings

With Scotland being continuously voted the “European Region of the Future” in the past couple of years, it comes as no surprise that more and more people choose this destination as their preferred place to live, work and start a family enhancing their quality of life. Drawn by the career opportunities available, new Scottish residents often find that the country has much more to offer than a good job. From a range of activities that the cities and the country side can offer like sightseeing, skiing and mountain biking, Scotland can take your breath away with spectacular sceneries and a variety of places to visit.

In this economic and cultural climate Glasgow prospers, being the largest city in Scotland with population of 595,080 people as of 2012 and a growing number of households – 285,984, making it a preferred destination for many.

However, finding the perfect new home is a challenging experience for any tenant, especially in a fast growing city like Glasgow. Often tenants choose to contact private landlords on their own and spend days traveling around the city and arranging viewings. This is definitely a memorable experience, often ending with disappointment. From the misleading letting adverts to the unfriendly landlords, you can never be sure if you are choosing the property because it is the ideal one for you or because you are fed up with the process, not to mention all the legal and personal issues that could result from signing a contract that is not in your best interest.

With all these factors in mind using a letting agent in Glasgow has some substantial benefits for the potential tenants and luckily for you Hap Lettings are here to help you find your new home! With rapidly expanding business, a large number of attractive properties and conveniently located office on Great Western Road we are well positioned to deliver outstanding services to our potential and current tenants. Striving to be the best letting agent in Glasgow with both tenant and landlord services in Glasgow, the benefits for our tenants include:

  1. Quality services

Hap Lettings have professional and experienced staff that will treat you with respect and will consider all your requirements to ensure that you find the perfect property for you with no surprising extra fees.

  1. Stunning properties

With the rapid expansion of our business we now offer greater variety and choice for our tenants all throughout Glasgow, including stunning flats in Glasgow Harbour with spacious rooms and marvellous views, and since quality is in the centre of what we do you can be sure that our properties are of high standard.

  1. Quick application process

Our application process is fast and simple. It could be done online or alternatively you can visit our office and we will complete it on your behalf. We can provide you with advice and answer all of your questions and will always try to find the most convenient time for meetings and for signing agreements.

  1. Secure deposits

All deposits are securely kept with our Tenancy Deposit Scheme and returned to you at the end of your lease after both parties agree.

  1. Rent payments

As a tenant all expected rent payments will be provided to you in advance and we could also made the process easier with a standing order.

  1. Information packs

We provide all tenants with information packs containing important information regarding the property and contact numbers in the case of an emergency.

  1. Maintenance

You can contact us immediately if the property requires any maintenance and we will arrange for contractors to attend the premises, ensuring that all issues are handled quickly and professionally.

The benefits we offer to our tenants, our vast experience, professional team and our dedication to helping you find the best property for your taste make us a leading letting agent in Glasgow. Contact us today with any questions you might have or visit our office to speak to our professionals personally.