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10 Tips for Viewing a Property

It cannot be said enough that renting and moving house is possibly one of the most stressful times a person can go through.  There are many pitfalls, problems and sometimes heartache you can go through but in the end it is all worth it.  You can make this a smoother transition for yourself by making sure you view the property thoroughly beforehand to ensure no nasty surprises when you move in. 

10 Viewing Tips

1. On your initial viewing try not to treat the house as a home but as a building that needs inspecting. Keep a professional head and heart.

2. At present the market is moving fast with demand outstripping supply. Do NOT rent a property unseen, most agents will not agree to this anyway.  At a viewing you are more likely you are to spot potential problems before you move in. The Landlord can then deal with these prior to you moving in.

3. When viewing a property you should do this at different times of the day. This way you can find out what it’s really like such as how noisy it possibly could get, traffic flows, neighbours etc.

4. Always look at the energy performance certificate (EPC), check for insulation, glazing and an efficient heating system.

5. Check as thoroughly as you can for damp, this is something that you have to be very wary of. Damp gives off a very musty smell, even if the signs of damp can’t be seen or have been covered up so keep your nose open as well as your eyes.

6. It is quite possible you will spot faults when viewing a property but it shouldn’t necessarily put you off from renting. Depending on your budget you may expect lower or higher quality.

7. When viewing you should spend at least 15 minutes looking around the property and after that at least 30 minutes having a walk and a look around the area the property is in. If a viewing is rushed you can miss crucial items.

8. Find out what the area is like at rush hour, when the pubs close at weekends and on a weekday. A good viewing tip is to drive from the property to work or school during rush hour to check your commute and to see if there would be any problems.

9. Check what type of electric and/or gas meter is in the property, pre-pay key or card meters can have higher tariffs and be inconvenient to top up.

10. Always ask about the common areas, who is responsible for cleaning stairs and gardening.

If you follow these basic viewing tips you will chose a suitable property for you and once you have moved in no surprises to deal with, then you can sit back, RELAX and ENJOY your new home.